D Epps Photography’s Wedding Photography Style

My name is David. . . I’m a fun, artistic, and affordable Atlanta photographer looking to help you capture and preserve one of the most important days of your life. I specialize in Wedding, Engagement, Family and Fashion photography. . .my style is a unique blend of Contemporary, Photo-Journalistic and Modern/Edgy Photography and will be tailored to meet your needs and personality. I absolutely love themed weddings as I’m able to capture the day from that particular angle and post-process the images in a way that complements that theme completely.

Regarding style…many people will say they are one style or another, but they really don’t understand what that style means. To that end, I wanted to spell out exactly what I mean by ‘style’:

Contemporary Photography, to me, is photography through a method of ‘story-telling’…my goal is to capture the emotions and atmosphere of your day through more of a reporting style of photography. Some confuse this with ‘Classic’ wedding Photography…this, to me, is more of the posed and structured shots more of past generations. There’s nothing at all wrong with posed shots, but most are interested in adding to those with these other styles.

Photo-Journalistic Photography is my way of saying ‘candid’…I want you to feel so comfortable with me photographing your wedding that you forget I’m there and just enjoy your day with the ones you love. I find that the most natural and authentic images I capture at weddings are the ones where people had no idea I was even taking their picture. I have an arsenal of lenses that I use to zoom in and grab those perfect shots at just the right moment…to where after the wedding you’re looking at the pictures and saying to yourself ‘WOW, I didn’t even know he was around when I did this and I completely forgot about it!’

Modern / Edgy Photography is my own artistic flair that I like to throw in from time to time from my Fashion photography side…I like to create images with very strong lines, angles, lighting, and moods to really enhance the emotional aspects of the day and surroundings.

So keep in mind, these are all styles that I employ at different times of capturing your day and are all dependent upon what I’m photographing. If you have a particular style in mind that you would prefer I steer toward or away from I can absolutely focus on that 100%.

After the food, music and flowers are gone, all you have are your memories…what better way to augment those memories than with fantastic photographs to commemorate your special day?!

About D Epps Photography

We try to instill fun into everything we do…from the consultation to the photography to the editing and post processing… We appreciate tradition, but we do not dwell on it. We learn the rules so that we can break them and constantly evolve the way we capture those special moments in your life. Our vision? Great photographers pay attention to the details…after learning more about you, we work to incorporate elements that make your session more personal.

Photos last a lifetime…and should be timeless. To us, this is the most important reason of all. Later in life, what are your children and grandchildren going to look back on? What are your photos saying about you? Let us tell your story.

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